Trenton Children's Chorus Entertains PFO

Program Description


Trenton Children’s Chorus (TCC) is an award winning, 28-year old nonprofit organization offering exceptional musical, academic, social and personal growth opportunities for youth in the Greater Trenton Area. The mission of TCC is to empower the academic, social and spiritual lives of children through artistry in music. Our tag line, Making Music, Making Friends, Making A Difference, speaks to TCC’s artistry, its commitment to community, and a reminder that the gift of music can be used to make the world a better place.


Music-making is a rising tide that lifts all boats. TCC believes that making music can fundamentally alter how children see the world and his or her place in it.  And music-making is just the beginning of the effects of TCC on choristers and their families. Parents come to TCC seeking safe and creative outlets for their children, recognizing that the experiences we provide are tools of empowerment. From music education and performance opportunities, to academic support, leadership training, mentoring, summer camp placement, and college scholarships, TCC leverages the transformative power of music to help children reach their full potential. In a city with a 40% drop out rate, perhaps the most tangible impact of participation in Trenton Children’s Chorus is the fact that 100% of choristers who stay with the program through high school, graduate, and 100% of graduating seniors go on to college.


TCC serves 170 youth in grades K – 12 in its facility on Parkway Avenue in Trenton. TCC also operates satellite choirs at Rivera Middle School and Trenton Central High School in Trenton. In partnership with HomeFront, a homeless shelter and social services provider, TCC also established the monthly Trenton Youth Drum Circle. The Drum Circles bring TCC youth together with homeless youth for dinner and drumming as a tool to build support for vulnerable youth.

TCC has performed at the White House for President and Mrs. Obama, the United Nations, the National Cathedral, and Princeton University; for the swearing-in ceremony of former United States Representative Rush Holt at the Library of Congress and for the inauguration of Governor Chris Christie; in concert with Bobby McFerrin and Dave Brubeck; and for corporate, community, church, and private events in the Greater Trenton area.


TCC began as a volunteer-run project of Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton, in 1989, and operated once-a-week, after-school for children in grades 2 through 8. In 2010, TCC secured 501(c)3 nonprofit status, establishing the Chorus as a permanent cultural presence in Trenton. The program expanded to serve grades K through 12, with programming throughout the week.  Participation in TCC has grown by 54% over the past five years; serving more children, enhancing programs and services, and securing the Chorus as a thriving cultural destination.